Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC

Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC, is a New York based financial services company focused on developing an electronic market center for trading US National Market stocks during the hours 8:00 PM to 4 AM ET, the BLUE OCEAN SESSION.

About Us

The founders of Blue Ocean created the BLUE OCEAN SESSION to provide investors the ability to trade when the US National Markets are fully closed.  We believe that the US stock market is critically important to investors around the world and that they should be able to trade at a time that is more convenient for ​them.


Our Vision

"To provide data and technology solutions that pioneer access to US equities filling the 8-hour time gap in the US equity trading day.  We empower and democratize access for everyone to trade continuously through the US evening hours on our Blue Ocean ATS."
Brian Hyndman, President & COO

Management Team

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Ralph Layman
Chairman & CEO
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Brian Hyndman 
President & COO
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Matthew Horisk
Chief Technology Officer
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Edward Wishik
Chief Financial Officer
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Don Madura
Senior Advisor
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Sandy Morhouse
Senior Legal Advisor

Blue Ocean ATS Management Team

Gregory Shinnick
 Managing Director & CCO
John Gilchrist
 Chief of Operations

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